The Best Tips To Upgrade Kitchen Cabinet Design 

The drawers and cabinets in your kitchen play a crucial role in aesthetics and functionality. Besides their suitability for organization and storage, cabinets can contribute to the functionality and atmosphere of the place. They are prominent visual elements in your kitchen and their style can enhance the overall aesthetics of the place. 

Whether you are cooking or entertaining, the kitchen must be an enjoyable space. A thoughtful design can increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Cabinets are an inseparable part of a thoughtful kitchen design. 

An efficient kitchen cabinet design lets you find all your necessary items within arm’s reach. With the right cabinetry, you can optimize storage. Listed are some ways in which you can upgrade the design of your kitchen cabinets. 

Design Wide Walkways 

It is a kitchen renovation tip that homeowners can consider to maximize space. You have to make sure that there is sufficient room between the island and the cabinetry. Typically, the walkways should be at least 38 inches wide. This type of walkway offers you the flexibility to play with the design of the cabinets. 

Replace the Hardware of Your Kitchen Cabinets 

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is by modifying and replacing the entire hardware. You can consult a professional kitchen renovation contractor to change the old handles and knobs with new ones. 

The new accessories and hardware should complement your desired style. To make your kitchen design stand out, choose vintage designs. 

Refinish or Paint the Cabinets 

Do you know that a fresh coat of paint can change the complete appearance and aesthetics of your cabinets? Refinishing and painting the cabinets won’t break the bank. You must consider trendy colors like sage green, blue, etc. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a natural look, staining or refinishing the cabinets can be an excellent idea. 

Try Adding Under-Cabinet Lighting

Adding lighting under cabinetry can enhance the ambiance and functionality of your kitchen. LED strip lights can be installed easily under the cabinets to increase their appeal. Homeowners can also consider investing in puck lights to enhance their kitchen’s functionality. Under-cabinet lighting can help develop an inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. 

Consider Integrating Open Shelves 

The addition of open shelves in the cabinets can help create a warm and spacious feeling. Moreover, these open shelves have practical uses too. A custom cabinets service can install open shelves with unexposed bracket systems to maximize your kitchen storage. 

You can change your open shelving into a stunning feature by displaying an expensive collection of dishes and décor. To customize the open cabinet shelves, you can consider adding under-shelf lighting. By adding a sliding door, you can easily access the essential items. 

Install Pull-Out Drawers 

The best way to maximize the functionality of your cabinets is by installing pull-out drawers. These drawers can ensure that everything is within your arm’s reach. You can also access items stored in the back of the cabinet. 

The Significance of Crown Molding 

To get a refined and polished look, consider adding crown molding. If you have recently renovated your kitchen, this design idea will work well. It can help create an upscale appearance and add architectural interest to your kitchen. 

Stay Sorted with Functional Cabinet Accessories 

The best way to enhance the functionality of your cabinets is by installing functional accessories. For instance, consider adding dividers, pull-out racks, trays, etc., to make processes efficient and seamless. 

These are some tips and tricks with which you can upgrade the design of your existing cabinetry. For more details on cabinet design, consult Guilin Cabinets. They have proven expertise in designing custom cabinets. 

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