How To Create More Living Space Within The Home

When viewing properties on the housing market, it becomes clear just how much the concept of space translates to value. Homes that have a larger capacity will almost always generate more significant demand and higher offers.

While it may seem that, beyond building extensions, a home’s capacity is finite, there are a number of ways in which interior design and smaller renovations can actually improve both space and the sense of space (which can be equally important) within a home. Homeowners can help to improve space efficiency in their living space, refining its design and supporting greater comfort, all of which contribute to a greater sense of value for the property.

Storage Systems

Optimising storage within living spaces can make a substantial difference to its potential capacity with the embracing of vertical space being just as important as horizontal space. Storage options can, for example, be created beneath furniture, with many designs now including options for larger items, such as beds and sofas, to contain internal storage space. They can also be created higher up, even out of immediate reach. This option can be particularly effective for infrequently used items, alleviating a floor plan of clutter.

Creating Outbuildings

The pursuit of space within the home is one of the many reasons garden sheds are being exchanged for log cabins and summer houses. No longer are people burned with the same tools and equipment that once required an external storage space. Many mowers, for example, are now being swapped for compact robot alternatives. As such, sheds are being swapped for garden rooms, such as home offices, creative studios, and dining areas.

These not only allow residents to create a new living space within their home, relieving the central property of pressure, but also to create a space that embraces the beauty of a garden’s natural aesthetic.

Light & Mirrors

The sense of a living space, while not something to list on an estate agent’s listing, can have a considerable effect on potential buyers and the well-being of residents residing in the home. Natural light is a foundation of interior design and is embraced accordingly because it can make a living space seem much larger than it is. With this in mind, residents would do well to clear their windows of decor and allow natural light to flow through a home. Mirrors support this natural light landscape and not only create a sense of space by tricking the mind into seeing more space but also by carrying light through a home.

Modular Furniture

Advancements in design and technology have brought about a new catalogue of modular furniture. These items can be collapsed, adjusted, and altogether stashed depending on usage needs. For homeowners, especially those living in smaller spaces, this is a game-changer.

Desks and office spaces now no longer require a permanent space within a home and can, instead, be established only when required, meaning that a home can accommodate remote working without dedicating a considerable portion of its interior to professional pursuits.

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