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Displaying Your Masterpieces with Jigsaw Puzzle Wall Frames

Jigsaw puzzle silent frames are a fantastic method to transform your puzzle into a magnificent wall mural hanging. This thorough guide will look into all you need to know about jigsaw puzzle frames in this extensive tutorial, with an emphasis on wall frames, so you may proudly display your creations.

Understanding Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

Jigsaw puzzle wall frames are expertly designed encasements that convert a jigsaw puzzle into a magnificent work of art for the wall. These frames are specially made to preserve the completed picture and show off jigsaw puzzles in their finished state so that lovers of puzzles can display to the best advantage the results of their time, labour, and imagination.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic puzzle doer looking to hang your favourite puzzles on the wall or a hobbyist wishing for beautiful decorations at home, understanding jigsaw puzzle frames is vital. Let’s delve into what makes these frames unique and how they can elevate your puzzle-solving experience.

Choosing Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

Making the correct choice of jigsaw puzzle frames is crucial to guaranteeing that your finished puzzles are well preserved and presented.

Professional Expertise

Seek out a professional with a wealth of experience. Ask around until such a person is found. They offer expert advice about selecting frames, mats, and glass choices.

Portfolio Review

Review the framer’s portfolio to gauge the quality of his work and see if his style suits you. A wide-ranging portfolio spotlighting various frame styles proves he can handle all styles.

Customer Reviews

Search for customer reviews and testimonials to see if the framer’s real reputation for customer service is revealed there. Good reviews and references from happy clients are a good sign.

Wall Frames: Showcasing Jigsaw Puzzle Masterpieces

When picking your frame style, remember to keep the integrity and concept of the jigsaw puzzle in mind. Classical wooden frames are classic and elegant, while modern, lean metal ones can appear to have a cold tone.

Wall frames are essential for any display system for completed jigsaws. In choosing just the right wall frames:


The addition of matting helps extend and enhance the viewing pleasure of jigsaw puzzle frames. Choose a mat colour that matches your puzzle colours and heightens the overall effect.

Glass Choices

When you assemble the jigsaw puzzle frame, consider what material to use in its glass. Ordinary glass is the cheapest choice but it will cause wandering lines to flash before you. Nonreflecting or UV-protective glass is the perfect medium for cutting out reflections and protecting your puzzle from fading under its rays.


When choosing a jigsaw puzzle frame, consider whether to personalise it with engravings, motifs, or other individualised touches.

Displaying Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

If you need to properly display your jigsaw puzzle frames, it speaks for itself that they will look their best and remain unharmed.

Hanging Artwork

When hanging jigsaw puzzle frames, consider how high they hang, what spaces they occupy, and their distance apart. Use a level to check that the frames are hung on an even plane, and leave some room around them so they can breathe.

Make a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is created by mounting many jigsaw puzzle frames near each other. First, pave the frames out on the floor to see how the layout looks, then use a tape measure and level to set up your marks on the wall.

Rotate Art Regularly

Occasionally, rotate the jigsaw puzzle frames in your living space to maintain a fresh and dynamic feel. Swap frames out as the seasons change or when you like refreshing things.


Caring for Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

Proper maintenance of jigsaw puzzle frames is essential to maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of these sturdy body constructions.

Dust Often

To maintain a sparkling frame, dust the glass in your jigsaw puzzle frame daily. Use a feather duster or soft, dry cloth to remove baby powder from the puzzles and digest dust and debris without harming the frame or puzzle itself.

Avoid direct sunlight

To minimise exposure to the sun’s damaging effects, keep your jigsaw puzzle frames away from windows or cover them with UV-protected glass.

Frame Maintenance

As time goes by, the frame is no longer new. If you want to continue enjoying the beautiful puzzle framing and protect its duration, it has been damaged or worn somehow. Talk with a professional framer about fixing such things.

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

Jigsaw puzzle frames have several advantages, which make them indispensable for holding and exhibiting your finished puzzles.

  • Preservation: Jigsaw puzzle frames protect the completed puzzles from harm and leave you to plume in their artistic vision for years to come.
  • Display: Jigsaw puzzle frames display your finished puzzles on the wall as a piece of art, and with them, you also package up to five million views.
  • Personalisation: Jigsaw puzzle frames can be customised for your needs and preferences, allowing you to create a unique and personalised display.
  • Sentimental Value: The jigsaw puzzle hangs up an unknown amount of sentimental value, preserving the feelings and the time to finish the puzzle.
  • Conversation Starter: Jigsaw puzzle frames can serve as the focal point and a conversation starter, attracting attention and sparking conversation among guests or visitors.


Jigsaw puzzle frames can transform a completed puzzle into a piece of wall art that is stunning. With an understanding of different types of wall frames and how to choose the right jigsaw puzzle frame, you can take care of your picture frames to preserve their beauty and display them for all to see. The art you’ve created in your living room has never been more complete.

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