8 New Ideas For Metal Siding Designs For Homes

Steel and other metals have durability, last a long time, and require less maintenance than other materials. There is also a lot of recycled material in it, which makes it an even better choice for the world.

Metal siding is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to cover a house because of these reasons. When it comes to architecture, metal siding can go with a lot of different styles because it comes in so many different varieties.

Stacked Styles

The wraparound porch and the roof overhang that covers it open up the house vertically. For the look to be complete, it makes sense that the flooring should also be split up into vertical pieces.

Metallic siding comes in shingles and panels, which give the house a lot of depth that goes well with all the windows.

Stand-Alone Seams

Corrugated sheets were used to cover the outside of a house in one of the oldest types of metal roofing . Then came flat-seam panels, and finally standing seam panels.

The board and batten look is quick and easy to put up. It makes the outside of your home more weathertight and can give it a very sleek and modern look with its long, vertical lines.

Mixed Materials

Using a lot of different materials allows for attention to different parts of the modern home. Among the materials are brick, board and batten metal panels, and a few different kinds of horizontal lap flooring.

Using a variety of colors and materials both vertically and horizontally helps the outside not look dull or plain. The light, warm wood siding also balances out the dark metal siding, keeping it from being too strong. Furthermore, the long-lasting materials offer resistance against the weather.

Accented Areas

Different parts of the house look great with metal lap siding used as highlights. Along with white home siding installation on the rest of the house, the two roof peaks and the area in the middle that connects them are given more visual interest by darker siding. The new, trendy look always makes things look better.

Industrial Design

Creating a modern home can be done in many ways. A more industrial look is added to this sleek style by using corrugated metal sheets on some of the outside. The big plate glass windows look good with this, and the contrast with the natural wood trim gives the design a lot of depth and detail.

Continual Board and Batten

Board-and-batten metal plates are used well on the roof and siding of houses. To make the house look more interesting, the different roof lines are brought out by the different views. Adding two different types of siding to the bottom half of the house breaks up the straight lines.

Horizontal Paneling

Multiple current designs use sections with different shapes to make the lines more interesting. You can see some of the sections better because of the horizontally placed corrugated metal sheeting, and the wood accents make the house feel cozier.

Pops of Color

Some narrow standing seam panels are used on the outside of this house to break up the shape and add interest. Large windows and brightly coloured wall panels make the outside more interesting.

The face is made up of a lot of different colors and textures. The sharp shape and lines of the house are made more interesting by this.

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